Mumakil – Behold the Failure (2009)

I’ve never really been into grindcore. Probably because I got into metal with Opeth and other bands that had some kind of progressive tendencies. Now, it’s been more than 10 years since I listened to my first Opeth album and since then I’ve come to admit that not everyone is meant to play 10 minutes, well structured songs with lots of themes and evolutions. So after getting into more straightforward death metal, it was only natural to try grindcore again, and what better contender than Behold the Failure by Mumakil to do that? Because apparently, getting into grindcore with Mumakil would be like banging miss universe to get into chicks, at least that’s what I figured after reading a few reviews. So I gave it a try.

A try. That’s the best fitting word to the first listening experience. Because there is no way on Earth you can stand that album and take it all in on your first listen. Not that it’s too layered and especially difficult to get into, no. It’s more a matter of avoiding crashing your head into the closest wall or piece of furniture while experiencing this piece of raw energetic hatred. And trust me, even if you pass the test once, you should stay on your guards and listen carefully at all times.

Saying that this album is intense would be a huge understatement. The drums are here at all times to remind your ears that they’d prefer you to stand next to a plane reactor working at full speed. The blasting is always there, it never goes away, and it’s incredibly sick. I cannot stress enough how incredibly violent this album sounds. The lyrics back that up quite well, sometimes in a rather funny way as “Useless fucks” could testify. Mumakil smartly avoid the mistake of being too linear by adding some interesting changes of pace, unexpected riffs and the occasional pig squeal, and that keeps your interest alive through that album. The production is at the right place between being totally disgusting and too clean, largely falling on the disgusting side, which fits well with what it is this album wants to do.

You’ve probably guessed the conclusion I’m going to yourselves, but I’m going to state it, for the sake of it. With this album, Mumakil don’t fuck around, basically. There is no intro, no outro, no intermission, no calm moments, nowhere to catch your breath and go back to it. If you like your metal brutal, raw, but still with some interesting riffs hidden between a loud drumming, then you’ll love this album. However if you’re searching for deep lyrics and smart changing song structures, you’ll probably want to pass on that one. But if that was the case, you probably would have stopped reading that review a long time ago, so I’d say go for it.




~ by thibb on February 22, 2011.

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